Navigate International Debt Collections Professionally

the 9th edition of the Handbook is now available including 40 countries

International debt collection and country specific legal systems create challenges that affect every business. As a result, the International Debt Collections Handbook has proven to be an invaluable and highly demanded product for decision-makers in the collections and credit management industry. It supports you and your business by helping you select the right approach to debt collection, while explaining the diversity and complexity of country specific debt collection approaches, often with an immense amount of detail.

international debt collections handbookThis new edition now covers 40 countries and explains the different stages of amicable settlement, financial regulations around collections, legal proceedings and insolvency procedures in every single country.

Rudi de Greve - Global Operations Director: "No business is immune to the risks associated with international trade and can be exposed to poor payment behaviour. As a result, maintaining and protecting cash flow is especially crucial for businesses. Having knowledge of amicable collections as well as the country specific legal phases surrounding collections is therefore vital for survival in these challenging times."

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