The new International Debt Collections Handbook is available now

The 10th edition of Debt Collections Handbook covers 42 countries. The two new countries included are Indonesia and Croatia.

Since its launch in 2008, the International Debt Collections Handbook has established itself as a key tool for businesses making decisions concerning collections in foreign countries. International debt collection and country specific legal systems create challenges that can affect every business. Rudi De Greve, Global Operations Director at Atradius Collections stated:

"The handbook consists of information gathered by local experienced collectors and lawyers, making it a trusted international debt collections navigator."
Simply complete the form on the right to gain access to detailed data on country specific debt collection policies.

international debt collections handbook Debt Collections Handbook offers you country specific information on for example:

  • Different stages of amicable settlement
  • Financial regulations around collections
  • Legal proceedings
  • Insolvency procedures

No business is immune to the risks associated with international trade and can be exposed to poor payment behavior. With local expertise, businesses can ensure that they are following a professional and successful approach, which is where the Handbook can really help.

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